Veggie Pasta + Vegan Sausage with a whopping 45 Grams of Protein!

I’m a sucker for simple yet delicious healthy food. In the infamous words of Sweet Brown ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’….slaving in the kitchen for hours, only to eat the meal in ten mins. 
Anyway, I digress…. For this pasta dish, sauté chopped garlic with your choice of vegan sausage on low heat for 3mins. Add a handful of cilantro + roughly chopped spinach and sauté for a minute. Add Orzo pasta + seasoning (only used salt + Chachere) and stir till warm,then take off the stove and add tomatoes and stir again. Top with cilantro & your favorite vegan/vegetarian cheese. Dinner is served…..Bon appetite!

Customize with your fav veggies and spices….


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