Rainbow Salad with Mango, Date + Walnut Dressing.

Everyone knows how to make a salad, and this one is nothing special….Just toss your favorite fruits & veggies in a bowl with the right condiments and BAM!…. you have a salad, my friend.

What tends to derail a healthy salad for mod people is often the condiments and the salad dressing loaded with tons of unhealthy ingredients. Today, I decided to try my own based on a few collaborative ideas from vegans/vegetarians I follow on Instagram. 
The dressing consisted of: 1 large ripe mango + a handful of walnuts + 2 soaked dates + a little coconut water. Blend ingredients until creamy. This dressing is so yummy right out the blender that I ate a quarter of it, and it would make a great popsicle (just place in mold & freeze) or sweet treat.

Next time you go to the store, check out the ingredients in your favorite dressing….the “healthy” one I used to get at Trader Joes had 21!!! My home-made version has FOUR! The choice is clear for my family. Do you know what’s in your food?

This meal was paired with potatoes topped with butter, salt + dried garlic chives. 

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