Strawberry salad with peanut dressing

Another day, another salad. Inspired by the deliciousness of our recent salad dressing, my husband and I decided to try another salad tonight with a new dressing, inspired by Thai peanut sauce we normally have as a condiment during our visits to our favorite Thai restaurant.  We pretty much used the scraps we had left in the fridge for the salad- a few ingredients:

Iceberg lettuce

And now for the Thai inspired peanut dressing- I came up with this idea without a recipe, hoping it would suffice. Once again, after having watched my mother cook countless times without a recipe, I learned to rely on my taste buds to lead the way. Here are the ingredients:
Peanut butter
Coconut water
Maple syrup
Dash of salt
Pepper flakes
Juice of one lime
Place all ingredients in a blender and blend till smooth.  If the recipe doesn’t meet your liking, keep adding a few things here and there till you arrive at whatever taste you’re looking for. My husband and I *loved* this dressing so much, and have admitted to wasting *a lot* of money buying mediocre salad dressings. I don’t care for salads much, but a few days later, we so excited about this dressing that I made it again for the second time with the addition of walnuts for extra protein and omega three’s and it was equally delicious. Hope you enjoy!


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