Burrito Bowl Night!!

Inspired by Chipotle and their delicious burritos, I decided to make a burrito bowl at home with all organic ingredients. The recipe is pretty simple, easy to make and delicious.  A huge part of making a home-made meal for me is the happiness and joy I get from creating something simply delicious with ingredients I know I love and will maximize my health without any of the fillers like you’d get from the same meal at a restaurant.

1 cup rice- cook per directions
1 cup of garbanzo beans- canned or cooked per directions
2 large avocados

2 large tomatoes- cut into small pieces
Cilantro- chop and half. Will use half for rice and half for salsa
Onions- diced
Jalapeños- diced (optional)
1 lime
3T Taco Seasoning (got this in bulk from Whole Foods)
Tony Chachere seasoning

For your rice: Once the rice is fully cooked, add a tablespoon of olive oil, some salt, half of the chopped cilantro and the taco seasoning. Combine all ingredients till nicely mixed. Add more salt, cilantro or taco seasoning for your taste preference.

Beans: Cook according to instructions with added dash of salt.

Salsa: combine tomatoes, diced onions, jalopenos, half of cilantro, salt and squeeze half a lime juice. Mix all ingredients, adding more salt, lime juice and cilantro to meet your taste.

Guacomole: Mash avocados, add salt, half a lime juice and Tony Chachere seasoning, adding more seasoning to meet your taste as you go along.

Final step, place all ingredients separately on a bowl and there you have it, folks……a delicious, healthy meal that your family will enjoy.  My husband loved it and requested we started making more of these at home now. An epic win in my book. 😉


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