Vegan Mushroom Sandwich with a side of Potatoes + Vegan Banana Bread.

Simple meal of the day is a plain potato skinned and wrapped in foil and baked for 50 minutes, turning to either side half way through baking. Once potato is done, remove and slide down middle, then top with sliced tomatoes, avocado, chopped basil, Tony Chachere seasoning and salt. For the veggie burger: cook burger according to instructions, then add the same ingredients on the baked potato. Simple, delicious & healthy! Now, that’s my definition of a good meal.

For the Vegan Banana Bread, I used a recipe from Minimalist Baker.  I veganized the recipe by using flaxseed meal instead of eggs for the riser. This was my first attempt at making banana bread and dear God, it was delicious.  Me and my husband ate half of it the first day and will make more in a couple of days once the bananas are ripe! Can’t wait. 

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